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Signing up to an SERVNET Hosting account is quick and easy. Follow our step-by-step guide below to get started.


1 – Type into the Search Bar

If you are not already on the Servnet Hosting website, type in into your search bar.


2 - Welcome to pas Hosting!

Scroll through our home page to find more information about Servnet Hosting, Servnet Hosting Packages, Servnet Hosting Features, and so on.
Or, select your chosen destination from the menu.

3 – Choose between Servnet Web Hosting or Servnet Managed WordPress Hosting

Servnet Hosting offers two types of shared hosting packages. (VPS or dedicated hosting options are available upon request.)

Servnet Web Hosting is perfect for you if you already know a bit about hosting your own websites and is comfortable using cPanel to setup and install websites.

Servnet Managed WordPress Hosting is perfect for busy business persons, entrepreneurs, CEOs, small businesses, or individuals who do not have the time to manage their WordPress website(s). Or, is not yet comfortable with using cPanel or prefers not to spend time learning, setting up, installing, and keeping a WordPress website up to date.

Servnet VPS Hosting is a good option if you need more power, bandwidth, and want to manage your server. Contact Us for a quotation and more information.

Servnet Dedicated Hosting is perfect for larger businesses, corporations, or individuals who require robust and more powerful performance and the ability to maintain and set up their server as per their needs. Contact Us for a quotation and more information.


4 – Signup to the Servnet Hosting Package of your choice by clicking on the Signup Button

All Servnet Web Hosting and Servnet Managed WordPress Hosting packages were created after many years of our personal experience in website design and the specific needs of businesses, luxury brands, and go-getter individuals.

Opt for any of our three pre-designed hosting options, or choose to contact us directly if you have other needs for your hosting by clicking on the 'Get Quote' button.


5 – Choose A Domain

After clicking on the ‘Signup’ button for your chosen Servnet Hosting package, you will be re-directed to the Choose a Domain page

Choose 1 of 3 options:
  • Option 1 – Register A New Domain
    Choose this option if you do not have a domain and need to register one. Type in the name you desire for your domain, and select the TLD, (example .com), and then click on ‘Check.’

    If your domain name is available, it will indicate as such. Click on ‘Add’ to add your new domain name.

    If your chosen domain name has sadly already been taken by someone else, try adding a slight modification to the name until you have found your perfect domain name.
    Once you are happy with your domain name, click on ‘Continue.’

  • Option 2 – Transfer Your Domain From Another Registrar
    Choose this option if you already have a domain at a registrar or another hosting company and want to transfer your domain to Servnet Hosting. Type in the name of your domain and select the TLD (example .com) and then click on 'Transfer.'

    Eligible: If your domain is elidable for transfer, it will indicate as such. Click on ‘Continue.’ 

    Important: To complete the transfer of your domain to Servnet Hosting, an EPP code will be needed.

    Within the next steps of your order, you will be asked to provide your EPP code. Please obtain your domains’ EPP code from your current registrar for authorization before continuing the signup process.

    Not Eligible: If your domain indicates that it is not eligible for transfer, do not despair, this may happen for several reasons. No registrar is allowed to keep your domain prisoner. ???? It might just be that your current domain is ‘locked’ for transfer.

    Login to the account where your current domain is registered, and check if the domain is ‘locked’ or ‘unlocked.’

    Contact Your Registrar or Former Hosting Company: You may also choose to contact your current registrar or hosting company to ask them to ‘unlock’ your domain, and help you with transferring your domain to Servnet Hosting.

    If None of Above Works: Alternatively, you may opt for the below option whereby you will be able to keep your domain with your current registrar, such as Google, and then use the Servnet Hosting Nameservers to point your domain to Servnet Hosting. (See Option 3 below).

  • Option 3 – Use Your Existing Domain And Update Your Nameservers
    Choose this option if you already have a domain at a registrar or other hosting company and prefer to keep your domain with them.
    After signing up for your account with Servnet Hosting, we’ll send details of the Servnet Hosting Nameservers to you so that you can add these to your nameservers to point your domain to Servnet Hosting.


6 – Choose a Billing Cycle

Most Servnet Hosting packages are available via a 12-month or 24-month registration period. Select the billing cycle that best suits your needs.

7 – Configure Your Domain & Select Optional Add-Ons

If you should wish to add further functions and features to your Servnet Hosting package, choose the Add-On’s that best suits your needs.

8 – Review Your Servnet Hosting Package / Add Coupon

Check if the package details are correct. If you have a coupon, add the code in the 'Apply Promo Code' section and click on the 'Validate Code.'

Click on ‘Checkout.’

9 – Checkout

Complete the required registration details.
Tick the box that indicates you have read the Servnet Hosting Terms of Service.
Click the ‘Complete Order’ button.
Please allow a couple of seconds for your order to be processed. Do not click back or forward during this time, as you will automatically be re-directed to the PayPal payment gateway in a few seconds.

10 – Choose A Payment Method

Opt to pay with Credit Card or Check Out With PayPal. In both instances, your payment is processed by PayPal; therefore, all payments are safe, secure, and encrypted by PayPal.


11 – Initiate Payment Through Your Chosen Payment Method

Existing PayPal Account Holders

If you are an existing PayPal user, login to your account when prompted.

Non-PayPal Account Holders

Opt to pay with Credit Card or Create an Account with PayPal.

Follow the steps for payment as prompted. (Important: Once payment has been initiated, do not click ‘back’ or cancel halfway, as your payment needs to auto-completely entirely.)
Once done, you will be automatically redirected to your invoice at Servnet Hosting.

12 – Verify Your Email

As per international standards, (and to keep our hosting platform safe and secure), please check your inbox to verify your hosting account with Servnet Hosting.

Didn’t receive an email?
No sweat!

Please check your emails’ spam folder.
Please click 'Not Spam' and add the Servnet Hosting email(s) to your address book to ensure future emails are directed to your inbox. This is especially important to convey important announcements from Servnet Hosting, such as security and safety notices, server notices, etc.
No email in Spam, either?
Please contact Servnet Hosting by submitting a support ticket.

13 – Take A Look At Your New Hosting Dashboard

Your new hosting account details can all be managed and viewed from your new account dashboard. You are welcome to take a look around to get acquainted with all the features, info, and additional services such as Website Design, Website Content Writing, and Branding that we offer.


14 – Grab A Cup of Coffee While We Review Your Order

The Servnet Hosting Values & Ethics policy is essential to us since we focus only on hosting domains that adhere to our values and ethics. We will thus take a moment to review your order to ensure the type of website(s) you want to host with us adheres to our Values & Ethics policy.


Welcome to Servnet Hosting!


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