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Domain Not Eligible For Transfer Error

 If your domain indicates that it is not eligible for transfer, do not despair, this may happen for several reasons. No registrar is allowed to keep your domain prisoner.  It might just be that your current domain is ‘locked’ for transfer, or some other unforeseen error has occurred.


Solutions Guide To Troubleshoot Domain Transfer Issues / Errors


Solution #1 - Unlock Your Domain

Login to the account where your current domain is registered, and check if the domain is ‘locked’ or ‘unlocked.’

Google Example:

  • If you have your domain with Google, Login  to your Google Domains
  • Click on ‘My Domains.’
  • Find your domain from the list and click on ‘Manage.’
  • Click on ‘Registration Settings.’
  • Go to 'Domain lock' and check if your domain is locked or unlocked.
  • Choose to unlock your domain if it is locked.

: It may take several hours for the changes to take effect.


Solution #2 - Contact Your Current Hosting Company's Support

Contact your current registrar or hosting company to ask their help with transferring your domain to Servnet Hosting. They will provide you with additional instructions if needed to ensure the successful transfer of your domain to Servnet Hosting.


If None of The Above Works . . .

  • Contact Servnet Hosting Support
    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing any issues with transferring your domain to Servnet Hosting. We are here to assist and help.

Login to your Servnet Hosting Account, and navigate to ‘Contact Us’ for customer support.

  • Alternative Option – Point Domain Servers To Servnet Hosting
    Alternatively, you may opt for the below option whereby you will be able to keep your domain with your current registrar, such as Google, and then use the Servnet Hosting Nameservers to point your domain to Servnet Hosting. Find our helpful guide on How To Point Your Domain’s Nameservers To Servnet Hosting.



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